Antonio Manesco


Research interests

You bunch many atoms together, and suddenly new phenomena happen. We get magnets, superconductors, topological insulators -- welcome to the field of condensed matter physics. But why would we stop there if we can combine these materials to make devices? My research focuses on understanding the electronic behavior of such nano-sized hybrid devices.

To build intuition in these complicated systems, we often use numerical models. We construct detailed models with a computer and study our devices under different regimes. The process sometimes inspires us to develop our own numerical methods. For example, we wrote a memory-efficient eigensolver in Python based on the DACP method.

Naturally, part of my work is done in collaboration with experimentalists. We sometimes design experiments together or try to understand the data that they collected. From this interaction, we often build minimal models explaining the behavior of their devices and find inspiration for future works.

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Postdoc at Delft University of Technology


Visiting researcher at Cornell University


D.Sc. at University of São Paulo


Visiting researcher at Delft University of Technology


B.Sc. in Engineering Physics, University of São Paulo