Chun-Xiao Liu


Research interests

Majorana physics, topological superconductivity, and mesoscopic transport are the theme of my recent research. Semiconductor-superconductor hybrid nanowires are one example of topologial superconductor hosting Majorana zero modes at the wire ends, thus providing a promising platform for topological quantum computation. Part of my job is to theoretically understand the relevant physical mechanisms underlying the latest experimental detections of Majorana nanowires (e.g., tunnel spectroscopy of NS junction or Coulomb blockade transport). I also try to give theoretical proposals for how to distinguish Majorana zero modes from other topologically trivial mechanisms in experiment. I am also interested in exploring Majorana physics in other platforms, for example, recently in the vortex cores on the surface of iron-based topological superconductors.

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Postdoc, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands


Ph.D. in Condensed Matter Theory, University of Maryland, College Park, USA


B.Sc. in Physics, Fudan University, China