Kostas Vilkelis


Research interests

Growing up I witnessed firsthand how the rapid technological growth changes day to day life: from watching movies on VHS tapes to doing it online on the go, from using brick-sized phones to slick smartphones that can do just about anything, from storing scraps of data on floppy disks to now doing it on the cloud on a scale unimaginable before. What intrigued me the most is that behind all of these novel devices is a microscopic world of atoms forming complicated interactions which end up somehow giving the desired properties. Understanding and modelling these interactions is the key to the next technological breakthrough.

To that end, I started as an experimentalist manipulating and investigating spin-orbit interaction in various mesoscopic materials with spintronic applications. However, I soon realised that the most fun part for me was trying to come up with explanations for the surprising experimental results we would see from time to time. As a result, I decided to pursue theoretical work for my PhD.

Currently, I am working on modelling and explaining transport properties in delafossites. In the future though, I would love to learn more about topological systems and Majoranas.

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PhD student in Physics, Delft University of Technology


M.Sc. in Chemical Physics, University of Edinburgh